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Workers Comp Lawyer in Texas

Have you been injured on the job?

Your employer is required to provide you with a safe workplace. No excuses.

Workplace safety standards are designed to help prevent needless workplace tragedies. Unfortunately, many companies are cutting costs and cutting corners and are not making sufficient efforts to live up to their obligations under the law to keep you safe. While violations of OSHA standards are not necessarily enough on their own to prove an employer’s negligence as a matter of law in a lawsuit arising from a workplace injury, they certainly can and will be used in your case as evidence of the employers’ wrongdoing. 

Like many other federal laws, OSHA does not override state laws that provide a higher level of protection for employees. Instead, OSHA sets a minimum floor that all private-sector employers have to meet. 

Workplace safety regulations can be complex, and you need an experienced lawyer in your corner when you go up against corporations and insurance companies.

Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for injured Texas and we will provide you with specific and vigilant representation to protect your rights and recover the maximum amount for what you have been through. 

The experienced legal team at the Harper Law Firm will ensure you receive superior legal representation with careful detail tailored to your specific case. Our lawyers have helped Texans recover millions of dollars in financial compensation for injuries caused by careless companies or individuals. You need a lawyer who cares about you and your family and is committed to recovering every penny you deserve. We strongly encourage those searching for a lawyer to think twice about hiring a “billboard lawyer”. If we cannot handle your case personally – we will ensure you find a lawyer who will provide you with the superior representation you deserve. Call us now or send a confidential message about your case. 

With our no-fee promise, you can rest assured there will not be any attorney’s fees or requirements to pay any litigation costs unless we successfully obtain a recovery for you.  

If you are a veteran, schoolteacher, firefighter, police officer, or experiencing economic hardship – ask about our fee discount program.

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