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Fatigue is a problem that is often overlooked in the trucking industry. Drivers can experience fatigue for some reasons, including extended hours on the road, sleep deprivation, and monotonous driving. This can lead to accidents and other safety risks.

In 2017, almost91,000 traffic incidents were attributed to fatigued drivers, and only the collisions were reported, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Over 800 people died on the roads due to sleepy driving incidents in the same year.

Drowsy driving is a greater issue in transportation than in any other sector. Many truck drivers become weary from spending so much time on the road due to deadline pressure and trucking firms’ demands that they work even longer hours.

As a result, accidents brought on by fatigue may, unfortunately, occur less frequently.

Learn more about the primary reasons truck drivers get weary in the following paragraphs, and find out how a truck accident lawyer in San Antonio assists you in pursuing compensation if a sleepy truck driver caused your accident.

Resulting in Fatigue Driving

Here are the most typical reasons for fatigue-related accidents.

The FMCSA is in charge of carrying out the Hours of Service rules, which limit how long truck drivers may run their vehicles before stopping for a break.

The FMCSA supervises the trucking sector. The maximum number of hours a truck driver may work in seven or eight consecutive days, and the duration of the required break is also outlined in these regulations.

Failure to follow these guidelines might result in a driver being too tired to drive safely and causing a major accident.

Erroneous Driver Logs

Truck drivers must keep account of their working hours to prove that they adhere to the Hours-of-Service rules.

Unfortunately, when pressured by their employers, drivers may exaggerate their degree of expertise.

Driver records are frequently part of the evidence that can be used to establish responsibility in a transportation accident. The accident victim may not get total compensation if this information is inaccurate or lacking.

It is not necessarily the driver’s fault when driving while fatigued because of the tight schedules. Keep in mind that the things truck drivers are hauling frequently have a due date for delivery.

The owner of the trucking firm may put pressure on and encourage the driver to break the Hours-of-Service rules since these deadlines might occasionally be relatively short. If they don’t cooperate, they could threaten to fire the driver.

Medication, Both Prescribed and Non-Prescription

Truck drivers put in a lot of overtime and spend a lot of time sitting still. Because of this, the driver might be able to manage their discomfort and health problems using over-the-counter prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, many medications used to treat these issues frequently result in sleepiness and exhaustion. If the driver does begin to feel weary while operating the vehicle, a severe collision might occur.

How To Respond If A Fatigued Truck Driver Causes A Collision

Unfortunately, accidents brought on by these problems may cause severe harm or even death.

If a driver is driving while fatigued and causes an accident, you might wonder what you can do to get reimbursed for your losses.

You should always make an insurance claim, even if you think going to court is necessary.

You can next choose to launch a lawsuit if the insurance payout is insufficient to cover your damages or if you believe carelessness may have contributed to the accident.

Due to the number of persons involved, it may be challenging to pinpoint who is responsible for a fatigue-related commercial vehicle collision.

You can determine who is responsible for the collision—the driver, the trucking business, or another party like the cargo shipper that hired the trucking firm to convey the goods—with the help of an expert Texas truck accident lawyer.

To prove negligence on the part of the driver or their company after you’ve decided to sue, you and your truck accident attorney in San Antonio will need to gather some crucial evidence.


Driving weariness is extremely risky for all other drivers and can occasionally result from breaking a trucking industry rule. An experienced trucking accident attorney in San Antonio would assist you in pursuing the maximum compensation you are entitled to if you or a loved one was injured in an accident with one of these large commercial vehicles.

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