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Vehicular accidents are more common than you might think, and that’s something you need to take seriously. If you or your loved one have been injured or you lost someone in a truck accident, you need to decide whether to pursue legal action or not. In times like this, you need a guide to help you understand what the next step should be and how the claims process works for truck accidents.

What Should I do Immediately After a Truck Accident?

When there has been a truck accident, the first thing you should do is call the police and also check to see if anyone got hurt. This is especially important if there is a fatality.

As soon as you’re able to do so, you should write down as much information about the accident as possible. Write down the following:

What happened?

What vehicles were involved?

What got damaged and how bad?

Do you have any witnesses? What did they see?

Make sure you get the truck driver’s name, license plate number, insurance, and contact information, and let the police know that you have it.

Taking these steps immediately after an accident is critical to ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve. If you don’t take the time to write down all of this information, you may have trouble later on.

Who Should I Hire to Handle a Truck Accident Claim?

There are a lot of attorneys out there who might tell you that they handle truck accident cases. But it’s essential to choose a lawyer who is actually qualified to handle trucking accidents.

Choosing a lawyer who doesn’t understand trucking laws and regulations is a big mistake. Your case can easily fall apart if you choose the wrong attorney.

What Legal Options Do I Have After a Truck Accident?

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident, you may have a number of different options when it comes to filing a lawsuit.

You could file a personal injury claim against the trucking company or driver. You might be able to get compensation for your physical and emotional suffering, your hospital bills, and any other expenses that resulted from the accident.

If the truck driver was at fault, you could file a wrongful death claim against the driver’s employer. This might be the best choice if you happen to lose a loved one. You’ll get compensation to help you with the cost of your loved one’s funeral and also any other bills and other costs associated with their death.

Is it Worth Pursuing a Truck Accident Claim?

Determining whether or not it’s worth pursuing a truck accident claim depends on a lot of factors. It’s important to consider the severity of your injuries and the amount of financial losses you incurred. Insurance claims are a lot more common than lawsuits, which means that you need to compare the amount of money you’re likely to get with the amount of time, effort, and legal fees that it will take to pursue the claim.

If you’re thinking of filing a lawsuit, you will need to decide whether or not you have a good chance of winning and whether or not the lawyer’s fees will outweigh the benefits of winning the case.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue a truck accident claim, you’ll need to hire a law firm to handle your case. Whether you decide to pursue a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim, you’ll need an attorney who understands trucking laws and regulations.

A good personal injury attorney can help you prove your case, whether it’s a truck accident claim or a wrongful death claim. They can help you gather the evidence you need to win the case. Your attorney can also help you get the compensation you deserve without having to go to court.


Injured truck accident victims often have a lot of questions. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a truck, you need answers. This guide is meant to give you some of the basic information you need now so that you can make a decision about how to proceed.

There are a lot of different things to consider when you’ve been involved in a truck accident. Harper Law Firm can help you with the claims process, and our truck accident attorney in San Antonio, Texas, is committed to help you achieve justice for yourself and your family. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.