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Uber Accident Lawyer in Texas

Have you been hurt in an accident involving Lyft or Uber?

If you were hurt in an accident involving a Lyft or Uber vehicle, pursuing compensation for your injuries and damages can be difficult on your own – and we highly recommend you hire an experienced lawyer to protect you. These companies and their insurance carriers will only try to take advantage of you. A Texas Uber and Lyft accident lawyer guides you through this complex insurance claims process. It helps to have a skilled personal injury lawyer represent you and fight for maximum compensation.

Texas law requires ridesharing companies to carry high-dollar insurance policies. The insurance companies behind these policies have a lot to lose. As a result, the insurance adjusters who handle Uber and Lyft claims are some of the most experienced adjusters in the company, and they may try to use every trick in the book to minimize your claim or to deny it outright. When you take on an experienced adjuster, you need to make them take you seriously. You need Harper Law Firm To fight for you and protect you. 

When you hire us, we take care of all the headaches of dealing with your ridesharing accident – both big and small. If you were injured as a passenger, we will help you get the medical care you need and help get you the compensation you deserve. If your car was damaged by an Uber/Lyft driver, we will also help you get your car fixed and help you get a rental car.

We believe it is our duty as a law firm to hold these companies and their drivers accountable so that more innocent people do not become injured. 

The experienced legal team at the Harper Law Firm will ensure you receive superior legal representation with careful detail tailored to your specific case.

Our lawyers have helped Texans recover millions of dollars in financial compensation for injuries caused by careless companies or individuals. You need a lawyer who cares about you and your family and is committed to recovering every penny you deserve. We strongly encourage those searching for a lawyer to think twice about hiring a “billboard lawyer”. If we cannot handle your case personally – we will ensure you find a lawyer who will provide you with the superior representation you deserve. Call us now or send a confidential message about your case. 

With our no-fee promise, you can rest assured there will not be any attorney’s fees or requirements to pay any litigation costs unless we successfully obtain a recovery for you. 

If you are a veteran, schoolteacher, firefighter, police officer, or experiencing economic hardship – ask about our fee discount program. 

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