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Taylor W. Harper

Lead Attorney

Fighting With Your Best Interest In Mind!

Taylor Woodson Harper is dedicated to advocating for justice on behalf of Texans who have been injured or wronged. Taylor’s mission is to prevent corrupt insurance companies and corporations from taking advantage of hard-working people. Taylor believes by holding accountable corporations and people who have cut corners and carelessly cause injuries to others the world can be a safer place.

After obtaining a business degree in entrepreneurial management from TCU, he attended law school at St. Mary’s University where he excelled academically and began clerking at Ketterman Rowland and Westlund. Taylor had a unique experience learning from some of the best trial lawyers in the State and has incorporated many of his mentors’ traits into his style of practice. He quickly became credentialed as one of the highest-producing lawyers at the firm.

Taylor’s elite style of practice evolved from acute observations of what worked in the legal industry and what did not. Taylor figured out the practice of law, in general, lacked an aspect of incorporating scientific inquiry into the process. He is constantly pursuing a better version of himself as both a person and a lawyer.

Taylor is an exceptional negotiator and has a thorough understanding of the science behind gaining an edge. Most lawyers never learn what is involved in negotiating successfully – which comprises the majority of the practice of law.

Taylor has successfully recovered millions of dollars for his clients and is regarded as one of the most aggressive lawyers in town. In his spare time, Taylor is an avid golfer and sports fan who loves enjoying the outdoors with his chocolate Labrador.