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Single-car accidents are not always the driver’s fault. If you have been in a single-car accident, you will need to determine who is at fault or liable before beginning legal proceedings to get the settlement you deserve.

In some cases, essential factors such as visibility and lack of attention to road conditions can be to blame. Additionally, the driver may be able to blame the car manufacturer if it has a history of poor braking or acceleration.

When determining fault in car accidents, it is necessary to ascertain whether the driver’s actions were the decisive cause of the accident. This means that the driver must have done something that brought about the wreck.

Here are some quick questions to ask to determine whether the driver is at fault:

Did the Driver Run a Red Light or Stop Sign?

If the driver ran a red light or stop sign, you can be sure they are at fault. These traffic signals and signs tell drivers to stop or slow down when necessary. When drivers act carelessly and recklessly, they must assume the consequences of their actions.

In some cases, drivers will argue that they never saw the red light or stop sign and were distracted. This may be true, but drivers who cannot control their vehicles must assume responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Did the Driver Fail to Yield the Right-Of-Way?

This is another case where you will be able to determine fault very quickly. If a car or truck driver fails to yield the right-of-way to you, they are at fault. Make sure you do not take for granted the right of way at all times. It is very dangerous to assume that other drivers have seen you.

In this case, always be sure that you wave to cars and trucks passing you. Do not assume that driving makes you safe from being rear-ended.

Did the Driver Fail to Follow Traffic Signals or Rules of the Road?

You must know the rules of the road. However, other drivers have the same responsibility. If you can prove that the other driver did not follow proper signals or regulations of the road, you may have a chance of winning your case.

If a driver is overtaking other vehicles or swerving for any reason, they could hit a guardrail, a tree, or a car. Whatever the case may be, the driver is at fault for straying against standard driving rules.

Did the Driver Cause a Distraction?

Distractions may include everything from a car repair to a cell phone call. Regardless of the distraction’s source, it will still be the driver’s fault.

When distracted, you must assume that you will not be able to avoid accidents. Ensure you do not leave your car if you are in danger. If you can safely prevent the threat, then you must do so.

Whatever you do, do not take for granted that you will not be at fault for the accident. If your plans are so big that you do not have time to talk on your cell phone, then do not discuss them.


You should always learn the rules of the road and follow them. If you are guilty of not following the rules, you will find it very difficult to avoid accidents in the future. It is always best to prevent these accidents by maintaining safe driving habits.

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