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Live Oak, TX Auto Accident Injury Lawyers

An auto accident can change your life in seconds. Even if you are not at fault, you will have to deal with the costly and oftentimes tedious fallout that might include hospital visits, physical therapy, auto repair or replacement, and the dreaded insurance claims. When you work with the Live Oak auto accident injury lawyers at Harper Law Firm, we take care of you legally so that you can focus on taking care of yourself throughout your healing process. Reach out to schedule a free consultation and we will review the circumstances of your accident and discover whether you might be entitled to compensation.

Live Oak Auto Accident Injury Lawyers

Common Causes Of Auto Accidents

All it takes is one mistake on the road for lives to be upended. There are many causes of auto accidents, though the most common cause of traffic accidents in the state of Texas is speeding. Reckless drivers often pair their speeding with other dangerous behaviors such as tailgating and running red lights or stop signs. 

Our firm frequently assists clients with a variety of auto accident injury claims, including distracted driving. Even the drivers who do not take reckless action on the road can be prone to dangerous slip-ups. They can get distracted, even if it’s with something as trivial as eating the hot dog they picked up at the gas station or changing the song on the radio. Distracted driving is a top cause of auto accidents, and some people don’t stop at small distractions: they text or do their makeup or talk on the phone. 

Other common causes of auto accidents involve impairments from drugs, alcohol, or exhaustion. All across the state, there are constantly people on the road who are not in the right state of mind to drive, and their negligence can be deadly. There are multitudinous causes of auto accidents and it’s not always possible to prepare for them as you are driving. That’s why our Live Oak auto accident injury lawyers are here to hold the responsible party (or parties) accountable! 

Auto Accidents Are Costly

When you are in an auto accident, the costs start piling up almost immediately. From the time of the collision onward, your expenses can stretch all the way to the rest of your life depending on the severity of your injuries. Your injuries themselves are a cost incurred as they can add a deficit to your time, mental health, self-worth, and ability to work or even move normally. Here are a few of the costs you might be facing following the aftermath of your auto accident:

  • Ambulance ride
  • Hospital visit
  • Emergency surgery
  • Overnight hospital stay
  • Physical therapy
  • Medications
  • Therapy if you have sustained trauma from the accident
  • Any necessary medical equipment
  • Car repairs or replacement
  • And more!

If you were not at fault, you should not have to bear the responsibility for these expenses, which is why it’s important to engage one of our Live Oak auto accident injury lawyers right away.

Speak With Our Live Oak Auto Accident Injury Lawyers Before You Take A Settlement

When you are in an accident, the insurance representatives of the at-fault party might try to offer you a settlement. While it can be tempting to accept quick financial relief, you are potentially putting yourself in a position where you are losing out on compensation. Insurance companies are interested exclusively in protecting their bottom line rather than doing what’s fair. They may offer you a low settlement so that you can’t seek further financial compensation, which can be especially unfortunate in the event that your injuries are more extensive than you initially foresaw. Before settling with an insurance company, speak with Harper Law Firm in order to assess and win what you are owed.

How Harper Law Firm Can Help You

At Harper Law Firm, we recognize that you are dealing with significant distress and potentially extensive injuries. We want to see that you receive justice, and we do so by providing personal attention and guidance, getting to know you and the circumstances of your unfortunate accident. We have an extensive track record of winning cases for our clients, and we will dedicate all of the time and energy it takes to succeed on your behalf. Reach out to us today and schedule a free consultation in order to learn how we can help you navigate the initial steps toward reclaiming your future.

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