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Erica Betancur


Erica Betancur embarked on her legal career in 2007, initially focusing on defending homeowners in foreclosure litigation.

Over the years, she transitioned into a role where she worked closely with insurance companies, gaining invaluable insights into their operations. In 2022, Erica brought her wealth of experience to the Plaintiff side, where she specializes in handling Personal Injury cases.

Erica’s career is marked by her deep knowledge of insurance company practices, extensive trial experience, and an unwavering commitment to helping others, which she brings to the forefront at the firm.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she recently made a move near Tallahassee, Florida making it her new home. In her leisure time, Erica enjoys exploring new destinations with her husband, Brad, and has a special passion for watching her eldest son play soccer in South America. Her family life revolves around her four children: Branden, Emmalee, Jaxson, and Bradley, and she cherishes the moments spent with them.