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Brain Injury Lawyer in Texas

Brain injuries can be complex and difficult to diagnose. Symptoms may emerge hours, days, or months after the incident that caused them, and victims may not make the connection between cause and effect.

Our brains are very delicate and untreated injuries can have severe and long-term consequences. 

We have extensive experience litigating traumatic brain injury cases including representing former NFL players in concussion litigation. 

If you sustained head trauma in a workplace accident, car collision, sporting activity, or another incident that you believe was caused by someone else’s negligence, our Texas brain injury attorneys can help. At Harper Law Firm we help people recover the compensation they need after serious accidents. Our team understands how the law, medical records, and accident reconstruction intersect in every case. We can apply our experience to your case and fight for a favorable outcome on your behalf.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)

Some bumps on the head are no big deal. It is different, however, when that bump leads to confusion, dizziness, memory loss, or other temporary changes in one’s mental state. These may be classified as “mild” traumatic brain injuries, but the physical impact on the injured person can still be severe. Many MTBI victims experience symptoms that last a year or longer — things that cost people personally and financially.

The Dangers of Brain Injuries

A brain injury can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on the victim. These types of injuries can be life-altering, impacting nearly every aspect of one’s lifestyle.

Common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include:

  • Dizziness, disorientation, or confusion
  • Temporary memory loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Blurry vision
  • Loss of the sense of taste/smell
  • Loss of balance
  • Emotional disturbances, moodiness, or feelings of depression
  • Seizures
  • Nausea

These symptoms are not always exhibited immediately following a concussion or head injury. Sometimes they take days or weeks to show up. If you or your loved one was shaken by head trauma, make note of how you’re feeling and follow up with a doctor to ensure you get the treatment you need.

Seeking Medical Attention After a Brain Injury

Because it can be difficult to know whether someone has sustained a brain injury, it is very important to have a medical evaluation conducted by a highly qualified doctor. We can connect you to experts who can diagnose bruising, swelling, and other types of brain trauma before accurately assessing the severity of your injury. That expert assessment is often crucial to winning fair compensation.

How a Brain Injury Attorney Can Help Your Case

The Harper Law Firm maintains a network of expert witnesses – doctors and other professionals – to build strong cases for our clients. Their knowledgeable opinions help ensure that you get the respect you deserve in disputes with insurers.

While we are often able to negotiate very favorable settlements for our clients, we are not afraid to go to trial if that is in your best interests. Our San Antonio injury attorneys are skilled litigators who will do what it takes to achieve justice.

The experienced legal team at the Harper Law Firm will ensure you receive superior legal representation with careful detail tailored to your specific case. Our lawyers have helped Texans recover millions of dollars in financial compensation for injuries caused by careless companies or individuals. You need a lawyer who cares about you and your family and is committed to recovering every penny you deserve. We strongly encourage those searching for a lawyer to think twice about hiring a “billboard lawyer”. If we cannot handle your case personally – we will ensure you find a lawyer who will provide you with the superior representation you deserve. Call us now or send a confidential message about your case. 

With our no-fee promise, you can rest assured there will not be any attorney’s fees or requirements to pay any litigation costs unless we successfully obtain a recovery for you.  

If you are a veteran, schoolteacher, firefighter, police officer, or experiencing economic hardship – ask about our fee discount program. 

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