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The Harper Law Advantage

Our Philosophy

Hiring a competent and reputable lawyer will automatically increase the value of your case. If you want your case to be settled quickly and for pennies on the dollar – The Harper Law Firm is not for you. With The Harper Law Firm, you are going to receive complete transparency and peace of mind knowing you have a legal team who will stop at nothing to bring you the financial compensation you deserve.

We firmly believe in the notion of true commitment and once you hire the Harper Law Firm we will stop at nothing until you receive justice – and we win for you. Many lawyers will cave when the defense gives them pushback and convince their clients to take a bad settlement offer. That will never happen on our watch. We believe that nothing should stand in way of holding the opposition accountable and bringing you what you deserve. We believe unwavering commitment to our clients is what it takes to achieve justice.

You will know your case is a priority to us

  • We incorporate cutting edge technology and science into developing your case strategy
  • We see the big picture. By holding corrupt companies accountable we are creating a much safer world. 

More Than A Law Firm

In addition to unrivaled legal representation, the Harper Law Firm provides all of our clients with full-service life strategy guidance. Typically when our clients come to us life has thrown them a few curveballs. We are here to help in any way we can. Whether you need help establishing a health and fitness plan or a financial Plan – We are dedicated to helping our clients live their lives to the fullest. No matter which area of life, Taylor and his team will lend an ear to listen – then help. 

Winning Mentality

The Harper Law Firm team are fierce competitors with a winner’s mentality. We believe that we offer the best lawyering in the State of Texas and for that reason, we want to represent you. You need a lawyer who knows how to win. We can deliver.