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In Texas, you must report vehicle accidents that cause more than $1000 in property damage or result in injuries or death. You must call the police and get medical attention if someone is hurt in an automobile collision.

Failure to do so, or leaving the site before conducting an assessment, is a crime punishable by imprisonment, penalties, or both. If you are ever involved in a minor vehicle accident in San Antonio, the information provided below can assist you in recovering from that minor accident.

Here are four tips to assist you when reporting minor car accidents in San Antonio:

1. Report the Accident

To begin claiming compensation from the at-fault motorist, you must first notify the police about the car accident. The police will next assess who was responsible for the collision.

It is true if you were in an accident that caused damage or injury. If you do not file a report, your insurance carrier may refuse to pay for your damages.

Furthermore, you may be in danger if the at-fault motorist has not informed the police or insurance company that he was at fault. It is true if the driver has a prior conviction for a comparable offense.

2. Document the Accident

Immediately document the accident. Get your phone and take pictures of the scene, the vehicles, and any damage.

Even if you feel the injuries are minimal or the car damage is less than $1000, get medical attention. To avoid tampering with the evidence, do not remove debris from the site.

Taking images or videos of the area around the automobile accident may also be beneficial if you hire a car accident lawyer in San Antonio, TX. This is also when you must share information with the other motorist or drivers involved in the minor automobile collision.

You should exchange phone numbers and names, find out whether everyone has auto insurance, and ensure everyone is secure from oncoming traffic.

3. Assess Injuries

You should visit a doctor if they harmed you or someone else in an automobile accident. For the time being, getting first aid is best while you handle communications with the appropriate authorities. However, if the injuries are significant and likely to worsen, you must seek immediate medical attention.

Suppose you wait a week or two and discover that you have neck ache from suspected whiplash. You will have lost out on collecting reimbursement to cover future medical expenditures.

It may take many days to experience the effects of a minor vehicle collision. Your legal options may be limited if you were injured in a car accident but failed to get medical treatment before consulting an attorney. If you never had your injuries assessed, there’d be no proof that they were caused by accident.

4. Seek Legal Advice

Get a lawyer if you’ve been hurt in an accident and need legal help. Some laws require the at-fault driver to pay compensation for damages.

Moreover, you will never be compensated if you do not report the accident and receive an assessment. You should speak with an accident attorney before pursuing a claim. This way, you will know what you are entitled to so that you don’t miss out on compensation.


Once you are done, It is best to get a detailed written account of the car accident by filling out a police report. It is essential to get the information in writing.

The report will also help you get a police report, which you can later use in court. You should ask the officer for a copy of the police report or request one be mailed to you.

Additionally, remember to contact your car insurance company as soon as possible. This is required if you seek reimbursement for injuries or vehicle damage and pursue a claim against another driver.

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