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You should never accept a company’s settlement without first consulting an attorney. Corporations that manufacture a faulty or dangerous product may attempt to reach an out-of-court settlement if you agree to waive your legal claim.

While many product liability claims do result in good settlements for the wounded, it’s critical to have a competent negotiator on your side during the settlement process.

Keep on reading to know more reasons to hire a product liability lawyer and where to acquire the best personal injury lawyer in San Antonio.

Legal Expertise

A thorough understanding of product liability legislation is required to make an effective product liability claim. This necessitates a thorough understanding of rules, regulations, statutes, and case law. A product liability firm with a deep understanding of the product liability practice area will be able to devise a unique, imaginative, and effective approach to get you the compensation you deserve.

Make sure you get a product liability lawyer who has spent a significant amount of time practicing in that field. There is no substitute for practice time in complicated domains like product liability.

Court Representation

While many product liability lawsuits are settled without trial, numerous situations require a trial every year. This usually happens when a firm refuses to compensate an injured product user reasonably in an out-of-court settlement. As a result, hiring a product liability attorney who is also a strong trial attorney is crucial.

The facts you must prove in a product liability case are determined by the legal strategy you and your injury lawyer in San Antonio choose. However, you must show that a harmful or faulty product caused your injuries.

Medical paperwork will be required, and you may be required to have a doctor testify regarding your medical condition. To demonstrate that your damages were instigated directly by the product, you may require witnesses, photographs, videos, or other proof.

It can be tough to verify that a product is harmful or defective. The goods manufacturer may claim that you misused it or ignored warning warnings.

You’ll need an attorney with the abilities and resources to thoroughly investigate your accident, gather pertinent information, and put it into a persuasive legal argument to refute the product manufacturer’s assertions properly.

Time Limits

Individuals hurt by a harmful or faulty product in Mississippi have three years to initiate a lawsuit after the incident. If you file a lawsuit after three years, it will be dismissed, and you will lose your right to compensation for the rest of your life.

Your product liability lawyer will make sure that your case is ready before the deadline so that you can submit your complaint.

In some product liability instances, the start of the three-year clock is obvious. It can be tougher to say when the clock started ticking in some cases, particularly when medicine or prescription causes disease or harm.

In these cases, the clock usually starts ticking when you are initially diagnosed with a medical issue or when you should have reasonably discovered it.

Suppose you don’t discover your condition is related to a risky prescription until much later. In that case, you may still be qualified to file a product liability claim, but you must act quickly.


If you are represented by an experienced, well-known product liability legal firm or work injury lawyer in San Antonio, it will often offer you a greater settlement.

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