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Truck Accident Lawyer in Texas

Have you been hit by an 18-wheeler or Company Truck?

Truck accidents are some of the most serious and destructive highway accidents. When loaded to capacity according to federal trucking regulations, an 18-wheeler can weigh as much as 40 tons. The sheer size and weight of such a vehicle, combined with highway speeds, can result in fatalities, catastrophic injuries, and severe property damage. At Harper Law Firm, we believe that you deserve to be compensated for any injuries sustained in an accident for which a truck driver or their company are found liable. Our firm has helped countless clients in recovering compensatory damages in serious injury cases.

Determining Liability After a Truck Accident

Commercial truck accidents can range from sideswipe accidents and rear-end accidents to jackknife accidents and under-ride accidents. These can be caused by several factors, including driver negligence, fatigue, or intoxication, or poor truck maintenance such as brake failure or lack of rear guards. In building an aggressive personal injury lawsuit for an accident with an 18-wheeler, it is crucial to conduct necessary investigations to compile evidence that can supplement your case.

Our personal injury attorneys know the right questions to ask:

Q. What is recorded in the driver’s log?

Q. What is the owner/operator’s background?

Q. Is there evidence that the driver violated federal regulations?

Q. What might blood work and toxicology tests reveal regarding the driver?

Q. Is there evidence available from the driver’s communication devices?

Q. What hours were logged by the driver? Was the driver fatigued due to excessive driving hours?

Q. Did the driver use narcotics or other drugs to stay awake?

Q. Was the driver distracted or texting?

Furthermore, we will work with accident reconstructionists to determine why the accident occurred. We also analyze police records to seek further evidence and determine whether or not the records are correct; often, police aren’t witnesses to crashes and can misunderstand the details. Additionally, we will speak with other witnesses to gather testimony to support a personal injury lawsuit.

How Black Box Evidence Can Help Your Case

Due to federal interstate transportation law, most large commercial trucks now have black boxes which are highly similar to the boxes found on airplanes. This is good news for victims of truck crashes, as it can help uncover information that can reveal the true cause of the accident that resulted in your injury. Truck black boxes can provide crucial evidence regarding a driver’s speed at impact, how long it took a truck to stop after impact, and other important details that can help you win your case.

Federal Regulations for Truck Safety

In order to encourage and enforce public safety on Texas highways, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) has defined regulations and policies for truck drivers and companies to follow. When an accident results from failure to adhere to these regulations and results in your injury or loss of a loved one, you should not be responsible for any financial damages; let our injury attorneys in Texas assist you.

Texas has rules regarding the following aspects of truck driving:

  • Adequate training of drivers
  • Use of alcohol and other substances
  • Regulated substance testing
  • Qualifications and backgrounds of drivers
  • Driver illness
  • Driver fatigue
  • Use of emergency signals, radars
  • Safe driving practices
  • Driver hours
  • Proper maintenance and repair of trucks
  • Regulation of hazardous materials

At Harper Law Firm, we will examine all information and evidence surrounding your accident with an 18-wheeler to determine whether the driver and company complied with the aforementioned policies.

The experienced legal team at the Harper Law Firm will ensure you receive superior legal representation with careful detail tailored to your specific case. Our lawyers have helped Texans recover millions of dollars in financial compensation for injuries caused by careless companies or individuals. You need a lawyer who cares about you and your family and is committed to recovering every penny you deserve. We strongly encourage those searching for a lawyer to think twice about hiring a “billboard lawyer”. If we cannot handle your case personally – we will ensure you find a lawyer who will provide you with the superior representation you deserve. Call us now or send a confidential message about your case. 

With our no-fee promise, you can rest assured there will not be any attorney’s fees or requirements to pay any litigation costs unless we successfully obtain a recovery for you.  

If you are a veteran, schoolteacher, firefighter, police officer, or experiencing economic hardship – ask about our fee discount program. 

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